Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekly Random

It's Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs. It's hard to believe I've been doing this for 15 weeks. Head on over and check out the cool stuff that everybody else has to talk about.


I've started potty training Squirt this week. Mornings are decent, afternoons suck, and evenings are his best time. It's a start, and I am glad.


In 5 days school is out for the summer. I'm not so concerned about having both of my boys at home, but I just know that I'll end up with more at least once or twice a week. And on the days I don't Number 1 will be begging to let it happen. I need to start thinking of chores to keep him busy....


I really wish Fox would stop promoting Glee twice within each commercial break(I'm exaggerating I'm sure but it sure feels like it) We have all summer until it airs... The first episode was awesome(you can see it on their website).

While I'm on the topic of TV, ABC sucks for canceling Pushing Daisies.


Months ago I mentioned a fear of chickens and many asked what brought it on. I haven't forgotten I just haven't had the motivation(aka, I've just been lazy) to say how mean my mother was, she's gonna love reading that one :D


Have a great weekend!!!


Rob said...

Sounds like a busy summer ahead for you and your boys. That is awesome you are potty training, I remember that with my now 6 yr old so. But even at six his misses the toilet or pees all over the seat. Fun times. Good Luck!!!!

-Justin said...

Potty Training! FTW! I haven't had much luck so far. No amount of Elmo/Bear in the Big Blue House potty videos/ coloring books/ dolls who sing 'peepee in the potty' have made my kid look at a potty twice. Oh well...

Make sure you have plenty of cheap frozen pizzas for those surprise kid gatherings!

I don't actually have TV service right now, we watch DVDs and time our visits to the rec center to watch Daily Show/Colbert. (Exercise bikes have their own TVs! Woo to the Hoo!) However, I too mourn the loss of Daisies.

Chickens peck. Nuff said. ;)

Happy FF!

Andrew's Daddies said...

my son is almost 18 months. I was going to wait until 2 1/2 years old to start. I can't wait to hear how your progress goes. Keep us informed.

Bella Daddy said...

Our little one will be three next month...and no way she is gonna poop on the pitty..YET! She will gladly let us know, each time she needs to pee pee...but poop? UH UH, no way, too icky...LOL! Sigh, we know it will happen, but the waiting is..well, crappy!

Jason said...

Thanks guys! So far the pottying hasn't been overly traumatic, and as natural, it's only pee at the moment.

@Justin- If I had plenty of cheap pizzas in the house, I'd be the one eating's a weakness.

PJ Mullen said...

If you have any good advice on PT, I'm more than willing to listen. Little man is only 14 months old, but I'm starting to arm myself with information to make it less painful.

Otter Thomas said...

Good luck with the potty training. I have anxiety about that already and it is way in the future for us.

The Devoted Dad (Jason) said...

First of all- what a cliff hanger, just giving us enough to know that your chicken issue is because of your mother- hopefully we don't have to wait until the fall season. As we have discussed before- we tried potty time, and are giving it semi-break, but good luck to yah! -Jason

surprised mom said...

Potty training. Not one of my best moments. Thank God it's all in the past, way past, and I can look at it through rose-colored glasses.
And I LOVE summer vacation. I'll have no trouble keeping my teens busy. I can think of plenty of chores!
Sorry to hear about your chicken phobia and your "mean" mom. Is it really all your mom's fault?