Friday, June 12, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training

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I'd forgotten about the hell that is potty training. it's been 5 years since I've been down this road, it's amazing how your mind blocks these things out.

Actually, everything is going fairly smoothly. I use the naked baby approach to pottying, we used it on Number 1 as well, but for some reason Squirt seems to be getting it a bit quicker.

Initially I was tired of the diaper changes, but I don't know whether that was worse than the continuous routine that we have fallen into. The only time Squirt is wearing pants and a diaper is when he is eating(lets face it, nobody wants to be naked at the table), when he's napping, and when we go out into public. My attention on him has to be constant(as if it wasn't before). Thankfully we haven't had any(yup, not one) accidents since day one. A few times he peed on the floor and that was all it took. He pees on the potty like a pro. As long as he's not wearing pants that is... It's like all the rules change when the pants are back on. Pooping is another story all together. But that's always harder when it comes for kids to get used to. It's a traumatic experience. He's never made it to potty for poop. He's gotten to the point now where he'll hold it in. I mean ALL day. He'll go around asking for a diaper. We don't put it on unless it's one of the designated times. But when we do...holy man o man... He's getting better though, he farts on the potty like a pro :D

Here's an example of our potty experience:
1) Squirt gets an "Oh" look
2) Squirt runs to potty
3) duh
4) Squirt finds dad and takes him the potty bucket(yeah I know, constant supervision, blah blah blah)
5) Dad empties bucket into toilet and rinses it out
6) Squirt terrifyingly holds the lid of the toilet, afraid to close it(and I mean death grip)
7) flush)
8) Gotta smell the candle on the back of the toilet(we ALL gotta smell it)
9) Wash hands
10) cheer loudly(well, Squirt still does anyway)
11) Rub his penis on the firewood while slowpoke daddy gets his candy
12) Eat celebratory candy
13) Do it all over again in 10 minutes...seriously, why do I still give this kid fluids?

Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

and I get to do it all over again today :)


Daddy Files said...

Ummm...Step #11 threw me for a loop. How did he start rubbing his penis on the firewood? And doesn't that hurt??

Jason said...

yeah it threw me too. I keep the candy on the mantle so that it's always in sight...but why he does what he does is totally beyond me. I've started to get to him in time to prevent it, but you can tell he's still thinking about it....

WeaselMomma said...

LOL, rub it on the firewood????? Ouch

Bella Daddy said...

We had such trauma during the poopy potty training about holding it in...three times in a week...screams and terror as she was passing the biggest things possible out of a toddler's bumm. Man oh man, I am so there with ya...can SO wishes!

MileHighDad said...

Been down that road and don't want to look back!

KWG said...

Penis on the firewood? Wha?

I'm starting to hear more potty training stories, or I'm seeking them out for future reference.

Bea's a ways away, but man that's gonna be crazy.

Note to self - candle on the back of the toilet.


Lauren said...

We're doing the naked training thing. One accident on the first day and that was that. We're now on day two of big girl undies during the day at home - still in pull-ups for public outings but hoping to phase that out soon as well.

Wow about the firewood thing.

Jason said...

@Weaselmomma- I know, I have NO idea where that came from and what he's thinking.

@BellaDaddy- Thanks man. We actually had a successful poop this morning so maybe we're a step closer...

@MHD- I've been down it before myself, and thankfully after this, not going back :)

@KWG- He LOVES smelling candles.

@Lauren- I try him in underwear but he treats them like diapers and pees away. I've yet to invest in Pull-Ups, because when he's wearing pants he won't tell me he has to go...

Apok said...

Please photograph and scrapbook step #11 so you can totally embarrass him later on.

The Devoted Dad said...

We've been back and forth about potty training but have not been successful o far. Maybe we will have to try the naked method next time. I'm just afraid I will be shampooing the carpets all day long. And like everybody else, I have to comment on #11- I guess this is where the old saying comes from- boys will be boys.

Out-Numbered said...

Dude. Is #11 like a good luck thing? I think the Football players from Notre Dame did that in Rudy before every home game.

surprised mom said...

Ok, let me echo everyone else here. Number 11? He rubs his penis on the firewood? Doesn't he hurt himself? And this definitely would be an embarrassing photo for him in his later years.
Potty training was so long ago and far away for me that I have to try hard to remember it. I did have one daughter who was afraid to flush the toliet. I think it was harder to teach her to flush and that this was a good thing.
Now both girls just hog the bathroom. Continued success!

Momo Fali said...

Number 8 is great! The "ALL" part CRACKED me up!