Thursday, May 28, 2009

I just don't understand most women...(duck and cover)

Yeah, I'm already in danger and you've only read the title LOL.

As a guy you always hear, never buy your wife (insert any cleaning/cooking/any other household item here) for (insert any holiday/special occasion here). No matter how badly they need it, never buy it as a gift.

Are you freaking kidding me?!?

As most who read this blog know, I'm the homemaker in our household. I'm the maid, cook, chauffeur, handyman, gardener, spider killer, and butt wiper(except on the weekends, I pass off butts on the weekends :D). All that I wanted for our anniversary was a ScumBuster and a new vacuum.

I can't fathom why you women don't want something that will make your life wicked easier instead of flowers that'll just die in a week. Maybe it's just a guy thing where we love new gadgets, but for me, I love an easier life(I also love flowers, as long as I can plant them in the garden and they don't die within a week).

And for the record, I got my wife an i-pod and video game... I passed on the flowers this year, but I'm usually really good about that as well.

Don't hate me, it's an honest question. I'm all for romantic(and trust me, I got plenty of romantic), but I'm also for making my life easier. Why wouldn't you want the same?

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Squirt's blurts

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I keep saying it but it seems as if daily Squirt is improving his communication skills. He's learning humor as well(though most of it is him innocently mimicking us)

For starters my parent's dog LOVES to bark and whine. They came to visit last weekend and are usually here for an overnighter so they brought Devin along. As soon as they pulled in the drive we could hear Devin barking from the car. It was warm and our windows were open. Obviously Squirt was staring out the window. All of a sudden we heard "Shup Devin! Shup!" We haven't used the term shut up since Number 1 started repeating it while watching Brother Bear so I have no idea where this came from, but that doesn't mean we weren't laughing our butts off.

He's also grown from hollering Momma to yelling MOMMYYYYY. I think it's hilarious. The Missus, not so much :)

Last night after dinner I was sneaking a hit off of the Cool Whip can and obviously everybody heard me. Squirt looked over at me and made the same sound of the Cool Whip coming from the can(kkkkrrrcht or something along those lines). I swear there was a puddle on the floor under where the Missus was standing.

Also, we have to be getting close to potty training time because yesterday afternoon he came to me and said "Dadda, change pee butt" If he's able to tell me after he's done it, he's able to tell me before he's done it!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

He Wears Short Shorts

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So I was watching Rachel Ray on Wednesday and Kate(of Jon and fame) was on. After feeling bad while watching her squirm through questions about recent events(if you don't know you've never seen Yahoo News lol). Then she started talking about her new line of clothes through Healthtex and Wal Mart(SERIOUSLY??).

I actually understood what she was getting at though when she mentioned wanting to let your kids pick their own clothes out. I've done it, it's not pretty.

I rarely let Number 1 pick out his school clothes, but play clothes I'm fine with. He also dresses himself for gymnastics practice. How hard is it to grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt? Not hard, if I get the clothes in the right drawers...

One night last fall I took him to practice as normal and all was well. We came home and the missus had dinner ready(she cooks on gymnastics night). She gave Number 1 a look and then she looked at me like he had a second head growing from his neck. I stepped back and took another look and didn't really see anything. She looked at me and started to laugh(nothing I'm not used to, I'm quite familiar with it by now). She asked Number 1 to come closer and she pulled out the back of his shorts and started laughing even harder.

I wasn't quite as on the ball as I should have been when I was putting away the laundry that week. Apparently I put a pair of Squirts(at the time 18 month) shorts in Number 1's drawer(6 years old).

Sure they looked short, but that's why they call them shorts...

Friday, May 8, 2009

bits and bobs...

Ok, I know I said I was taking the day off but the meds are finally kicking in and my mind is working semi properly so I figured I'd give it a go. Total randomness this week so bear with me.


First off, the reason I'm sick is because I'm a moron. I spent last week remodeling our bedroom and painted all day Friday. The paint fumes irritated my sinuses. The genius that I am then goes outside and cuts some lilac to bring into the house...They're my absolute favorite, but bringing allergens in on top of irritated sinuses = moron. I'm pretty sure it's not swine flu...


I totally wish that Hot Wheels came with built in GPS units. Squirt has found Number 1's collection and LOVES them. Thus, they are all over the house. Squirt's my cleaning buddy so the fact that I'm tripping all over these cars like the burglars in Home Alone is driving me crazy. I'm finding them in every room in the house. I know the case should be full to overflowing and the fact that there are only 8 cars in it tells me that I need to look a bit harder to find the rest.


It was my turn to host our playdate this week and Shyguy, Squirt's buddy from across the street, is getting more awesome by the week. When they first started playing together he was really quiet and shy. In the few weeks/months that we've been playing his vocabulary took a major leap. He was talking up a storm for the first time that I've known him this week.


Since I love to brag here's my awesome bedroom handywork. I not only painted but built/upholstered a new bedframe and headboard.


It's amazing how much crap I can come up with on a clear head. Now get on over to Dad-Blogs and see what all the other talented folks came up with this week.