Thursday, May 21, 2009

Squirt's blurts

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I keep saying it but it seems as if daily Squirt is improving his communication skills. He's learning humor as well(though most of it is him innocently mimicking us)

For starters my parent's dog LOVES to bark and whine. They came to visit last weekend and are usually here for an overnighter so they brought Devin along. As soon as they pulled in the drive we could hear Devin barking from the car. It was warm and our windows were open. Obviously Squirt was staring out the window. All of a sudden we heard "Shup Devin! Shup!" We haven't used the term shut up since Number 1 started repeating it while watching Brother Bear so I have no idea where this came from, but that doesn't mean we weren't laughing our butts off.

He's also grown from hollering Momma to yelling MOMMYYYYY. I think it's hilarious. The Missus, not so much :)

Last night after dinner I was sneaking a hit off of the Cool Whip can and obviously everybody heard me. Squirt looked over at me and made the same sound of the Cool Whip coming from the can(kkkkrrrcht or something along those lines). I swear there was a puddle on the floor under where the Missus was standing.

Also, we have to be getting close to potty training time because yesterday afternoon he came to me and said "Dadda, change pee butt" If he's able to tell me after he's done it, he's able to tell me before he's done it!!!


surprised mom said...

Squirt sounds like a natural comedian. He would have me rolling in the aisles. This is one reason I miss having little ones around. Teens might have your jaw dropping, but it's usually not because you're laughing. Thanks for the laughs!

PJ Mullen said...

That is just too funny. I'm a easy laugh, so he'd have me in stitches too.

Andrew's Daddies said...

funny post jason! Back away from the whip cream can.

KWG said...

Oh my God. Good times. I think I'll start saying "change pee butt".

And shup? Is that hip kid lingo in the fishizzel crib?

Have a great weekend!

Otter Thomas said...

Change pee butt is classic. Time to eliminate pee butt altogether.

Bella Daddy said...

So funny, and so memorable. Still, to this day, at almost 3, we hear the craziest things outta our littles ones mouth. E.G...(yelling at the dogs)..."You go ousside...NOW"


The Devoted Dad said...

Squirt is a character! I will send good potty vibes your way if I run into a bushell full! LOL! As you know, I need to keep some for myself because we are running low. That's awesome though that he is getting some awareness. Good luck if you try it! -Jason

ciara said...

i think he's definitely ready if he's telling you he needs to be changed.

do you need intervention for your cool whip addiction? lol

WeaselMomma said...

How cute and funny. Glad you are enjoying this time.