Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bye Bye Truck!

It's Friday again! Check out Dad-Blogs and see what everybody else has to say.

The missus and I have been noticing this week just how much Squirt's language has become so much clearer. He's especially fond of his hellos and good-byes.

Hello bird, bye bye bird. Hello dog dog, bye bye dog dog. Hello total stranger in the store, bye bye total stranger in the store. But among all of these the most annoying has been bye bye truck.

Last Friday we had 19 yards of mulch delivered(and believe it or not we didn't order enough!!).

It was delivered in a huge dump truck and Squirt was amazed by it. He's recently found Number 1's Hot Wheels and is totally obsessed with cars and trucks. I brought him out to sit on the stoop and watch the mulch be dumped but he still doesn't like loud sounds so he watched from the doorway. Squirt's also my cleaning helper so he's not a fan of messes.

As the truck pulled out of the drive he said "bye bye truck" he then looked at the drive, all covered in mulch and looked at me and said "ooh mess mess".

For this entire week at least 4 or 5 times a day out of the blue we'll hear "bye bye truck, oooh mess mess". he wakes up from his naps saying it, he says it everytime a large vehicle drives down the street, he says it when he poops.

I will have no problem saying bye bye to "bye bye truck, oooh mess mess"

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Go To Bed!!

Number 1 has started a new section in school on learning to tell time. I think this is awesome because when he asks when we are going to leave or when something is on tv I tell him and he looks at the clock and is like, ok thanks. No longer does he ask, when is that? or how long is that going to take? He just looks at the clock smiles and says ok. AWESOME!!! However...

Bedtime...He knows he goes to bed at 8 o'clock. He doesn't, however, realize the time involved to get himself ready for bed. Brushing his teeth, going to the bathroom, getting a drink of water, cleaning the toilet, scrubbing the floors...oh, uhm, where was I...

Anyway, we tell him it's time for bed and the first thing he does is look at the clock. "It's not 8, it's only 7:53!" Grrrrrr, when I'm done gritting my teeth and focussing on how to be nice again you will be up the stairs and brushing your teeth.

He really enjoys being able to stay up late on Friday nights and most weeks outlasts me and the missus. We tell him he has to go to bed because we are going to bed(his eyes are usually halfway to the back of his head anyway so it's really not much of a struggle).

On Tuesday night he was telling me while laying in bed that he can't wait until he's a grown up and can stay up late. I look at him tell him "No you don't. Because then you have to deal with whiny little kids that won't go to sleep" I smiled kissed him on the forehead and turned out the lights. As I shut the door behind me I hear"I like whiny little kids"

I'm supposed to be the only smartass in this house @$&^((#^@$!

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whatever you do, just don't look.

I spent all day trying to figure out what I was going to write about for this weeks Fatherhood Friday. It took a splinter for me to figure it out.

What is it about injuries that makes them not hurt until you look at them?

I was vacuuming this afternooon and bent down in Squirt's(previously referred to as Number 2) doorway to move the power cord. My hand bumped into the door frame and I felt a slight stab. I looked and there was a small splinter sticking out of the woodwork. I pulled it off and threw it away. About 5 minutes later I looked and saw the end of said splinter sticking out of my finger. All of a sudden it started to hurt. I pulled it out and all was fine, but it made me wonder. Why don't these things bother us until we notice them?

Even worse, when I was working on my final portfolio for Art School 11 years ago(yeah, I'm getting old...) I cut off the tip of my pinky finger. Exacto's are so sharp that I didn't even notice, until I looked down and saw the finger tip on the edge of my ruler...once again..HOLY $#!& sudden pain!!

What does this have to do with fatherhood you may ask? For starters I need to teach my children to not be so clumsy with sharp objects...but it reminded me of when we first moved into this house and Number 1 was only 2 and a half. He LOVED running up and down our sloped driveway and we kept warning him that if he wasn't careful he was gonna fall. Which he eventually did, on a day that I was home alone with him(this was pre stay at home dad days).

I kept myself pretty calm I mean seriously, it was just a bump and some scrapes, but it would totally freak him out to see the small amount of blood that was on his face. I took him in to his bathroom and started to clean him up. I kept telling him to look at me so that I could see what I was doing, but it was mostly to keep him from looking into the ginormous 4x6 mirror that he was sitting in front of. All of my instruction was for not however. He turned and saw the scrapes..."I'M BLEEEEEDIIIINNNGGG" started the sobs and tears. Why is it that our injuries don't hurt until we look at them?

It was a this point that I insisted on having our first aid products in the downstairs bath...much smaller mirror.

Have a great(and pain free) weekend.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Random Ramblings...

Man, it's Friday already? Where has this past week gone? I can hardly remember doing anything.


Bubbles, I remember bubbles.

Apparently everyone knows that 2 year olds absolutely LOVE bubbles. If anyone remembers, last week was the little one's birthday. He'd already gotten a bubble blowing dog from his aunt, uncle, and cousins. My in-laws got him the bubble blowing tiger that matches the dog, and then my parents got him a bubble blowing lawn mower.

We've had a recent cool down, snow included that inhibited our outdoor bubble play. But, I'm not a total ass so I let him bring the dog and tiger inside. Let's face it, I need as much soap as possible to keep my kitchen floors clean.


Most of you know this weekend is Easter. That means a 4 day weekend for Number 1.

We weren't even out of the school parking lot before he was asking to have friends over. One of which is calm, the other...let's just say I've dubbed him a warm weather friend because everytime he's in the house I'm a nervous wreck. He's only allowed to come over when they can play outside. Mean, I guess but when he isn't eating, he's bouncing off the walls. He's a very polite kid, but has just a bit more energy than I can deal with on my own.

To make things more interesting, he only lives at the end of our street, so he just shows up from time to time. No matter how many times I've told him to call before stopping by(so that I can go to the store or something) he really just doesn't.

Growing up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, the thought of just walking to a friends house was a disant dream. I had a better chance of flying to the moon. I'm begining to see how having this ability is a bit of an inconvenience...


Happy Easter and Happy Fatherhood Friday!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Birthday cake

I just finished the 2 year old's cake for his party tomorrow. It seemed to go much easier than when I made it for the 7 year old 5 years ago...

Time to relax for the evening :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What A Week

Is it Friday already?

What a week!

My baby's not a baby anymore. Yesterday(4/2) was his 2nd birthday. It was an awesome day. We had amazing weather so that just topped the cake. He LOVES going outside and just running around and playing on the swingset.

The missus and I spent the better part of the week trying to think of what could possibly be his favorite meal for dinner. We decided that since EVERYBODY in our house loves ham, it would be an appropriate choice. He had 2 helpings and didn't hide any of it in his high chair. This kid is a master at hiding food he doesn't want to eat. We've seen him shove food into his cup holder, put his cup in it, and as the cup wobbles precariously high to the ridge shout "ALL DOOONE".

I picked up some chocolate(his favorite) cupcakes at the store for dessert(I'm making a cake for his party on Saturday so it's not as if he's being gipped or anything). He tried to blow out his candle and came really close once. I kinda had to help him when he got dangerously close to the flame. The cupcakes were delicious, just ask the dog(hopefully he waits to make the mess that I know is coming until he gets outside, he also ate Play Doh this afternoon...ugh).

We also had our first playdate with the boy from acroos the street. He's 4 months younger than the 2 year old and they got along great. I was really hoping they would because lets, face it, having an adult conversation during the day, even just once a week, would be great. It was, and we now have a weekly playdate. Yay for all four of us!

What a week. Our jetlag and sinus infections have passed(not a major milestone, granted, but something we wanted to get through with none the less). We had our first playdate. And we had a birthday. What a week...