Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's awesome hot!

No, I'm not giving a weather report.

My poor poor boys.

We'll start with the awesome part of today's program.

For the past few weeks Squirt has been saying that everything is awesome. Number 1 would be playing with his toys and Squirt would say "awesome". We'd be eating some grapes and Squirt would say "awesome". It didn't seem to matter what we had it was awesome.

Stupid us. If we'd only listened closer we'd realize that in Toddler(a language all it's own) awesome(pronounced ah-wah-sum) = "I want some"...sigh do I begin this one...

Number 1 has been enjoying later hours and more primetime tv now that school is out.yeah that's good We were watching tv the other night whatever you do don't tell them that you watch "So You Think You Can Dance". One of the contestants actors came on screen. All of a sudden from the corner of the couch we hear "whoa, she's hot"in his defense she was way hot, Nigel agreed. and her being half naked didn't hurt. I felt my face turn red and clenched my jaw as to not laugh and damage his fragile early forming male ego embarrass him. The missus, finishing up some of her day's work, ducked her head behind her computer her face shaking with silent laughter how poetic. To make this all worse, his inner monologue apparently kicked in because next we hear "I probably shouldn't have said that out loud". From the mouth of a 7 year old...

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Celebrating Dad

Just a quick note. NYCity Mama is doing a series on Dad bloggers for Father's Day and I'm one of the bloggers she's featuring in today's entry. There's actually quite a few awesome guys featured that I read on a regular basis so head on over to her site and then be kind and check out some of the awesome blogs featured. Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh $#!@ Happy Father's Day...

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Is it already Father's Day weekend?? I know we all seem to act shocked like, "wow it's Father's Day?" but we know. Don't you ladies think that we don't and you can get away without acknowledging it. Every year when Father's Day comes around I can't help but to laugh and give the missus a hard time about my first Father's Day.

Everybody has these great plans in mind as to what it will be like...let me just tell you, it wasn't like anything I could have ever imagined.

My sister and brother-in-law decided to get married that weekend(and the missus has no problem blaming the entire thing on them). The weddings in our family were kind of crazy marathons. The missus and I got married in her church and we had the reception at a lodge back in my home town. 2 1/2 hours apart from each other. The reception was 6 hours after the wedding to allow everyone travel time. My sister and b-i-l did the same thing except they got married in his church and the reception was at the same lodge. Another 2 1/2 hours apart but in a different direction.

Needless to say we were all exhausted. Sunday(Father's Day) we had another 2 hour drive from my parent's house back to our house. We got home and unpacked and all sat down. Before I knew it I was playing video games while EVERYONE else was sleeping. I took pictures, even the dog was unconscious in front of the couch.

A few hours later the missus woke up and mumbled "Oh $#!@ Happy Father's Day..."

So to all of you ladies out there, on Sunday when you wake up, remember "Oh $#!@ Happy Father's Day..."

Friday, June 12, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training

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I'd forgotten about the hell that is potty training. it's been 5 years since I've been down this road, it's amazing how your mind blocks these things out.

Actually, everything is going fairly smoothly. I use the naked baby approach to pottying, we used it on Number 1 as well, but for some reason Squirt seems to be getting it a bit quicker.

Initially I was tired of the diaper changes, but I don't know whether that was worse than the continuous routine that we have fallen into. The only time Squirt is wearing pants and a diaper is when he is eating(lets face it, nobody wants to be naked at the table), when he's napping, and when we go out into public. My attention on him has to be constant(as if it wasn't before). Thankfully we haven't had any(yup, not one) accidents since day one. A few times he peed on the floor and that was all it took. He pees on the potty like a pro. As long as he's not wearing pants that is... It's like all the rules change when the pants are back on. Pooping is another story all together. But that's always harder when it comes for kids to get used to. It's a traumatic experience. He's never made it to potty for poop. He's gotten to the point now where he'll hold it in. I mean ALL day. He'll go around asking for a diaper. We don't put it on unless it's one of the designated times. But when we do...holy man o man... He's getting better though, he farts on the potty like a pro :D

Here's an example of our potty experience:
1) Squirt gets an "Oh" look
2) Squirt runs to potty
3) duh
4) Squirt finds dad and takes him the potty bucket(yeah I know, constant supervision, blah blah blah)
5) Dad empties bucket into toilet and rinses it out
6) Squirt terrifyingly holds the lid of the toilet, afraid to close it(and I mean death grip)
7) flush)
8) Gotta smell the candle on the back of the toilet(we ALL gotta smell it)
9) Wash hands
10) cheer loudly(well, Squirt still does anyway)
11) Rub his penis on the firewood while slowpoke daddy gets his candy
12) Eat celebratory candy
13) Do it all over again in 10 minutes...seriously, why do I still give this kid fluids?

Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

and I get to do it all over again today :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekly Random

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I've started potty training Squirt this week. Mornings are decent, afternoons suck, and evenings are his best time. It's a start, and I am glad.


In 5 days school is out for the summer. I'm not so concerned about having both of my boys at home, but I just know that I'll end up with more at least once or twice a week. And on the days I don't Number 1 will be begging to let it happen. I need to start thinking of chores to keep him busy....


I really wish Fox would stop promoting Glee twice within each commercial break(I'm exaggerating I'm sure but it sure feels like it) We have all summer until it airs... The first episode was awesome(you can see it on their website).

While I'm on the topic of TV, ABC sucks for canceling Pushing Daisies.


Months ago I mentioned a fear of chickens and many asked what brought it on. I haven't forgotten I just haven't had the motivation(aka, I've just been lazy) to say how mean my mother was, she's gonna love reading that one :D


Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh, This Is So Me...

I make more noise trying to get my dog to be quiet than he's making in the first place. You just can't whisper "Shut Up!" effectively.

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