Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer's End

It's Friday so take a moment and give some love to Dad Blogs on another Fatherhood Friday.

I am so ready for August to be over. It's been a whirl wind month. After vacation one would expect things to slow down but it seems that they are only ramping up.

Being very family oriented is amazing but sometimes it can prove to be exhausting. We spent the past weekend at 2 family reunions and celebrating 3 birthdays. The Superman(tm) that I am, I spent Friday baking and frosting 2 cakes and 1 dozen cupcakes, as well as chopping veggies, meat, and cheese for 2 pasta salads. I was up til after 12(on a Friday I know...shocking).

Fortunately Number 1 wasn't in school because I really needed his assistance watching Squirt(of which he is fantastic! He even took him to the bathroom this afternoon for me while I was with the phone repair man trying to figure out why we weren't getting a signal).

Now school has's just me and Squirt. I'm not gonna lie, it was nice doing the grocery shopping in less than an hour and not being asked to pick up this or that...I have a list, we stick to the list. but I'm also not gonna lie, I'm gonna miss our weekly doughnuts. It was something that I won't do for myself but it seemed to appease him on a boring trip to the grocery store. I'm gonna miss the look he always gave me when he wondered how all of the people at the store knew me. And then his acceptance of said fact and joining in on the relationships.

He was excited to be back at school with his friends and not stuck in the house with boring old dad. I was excited because I knew the house was going to be quiet. I still have Squirt but he's gotten really great at playing and keeping himself entertained(a post in itself). We both had a great day and are looking forward to the school year.

We didn't do much out of the ordinary, but we spent the summer together.

In other news, Squirt's playdate partner, Shyguy, has a new baby sister so congratulations to the neighbors! She's adorable :D


BellaDaddy said...

Ya know, I actually enjoy grocery shopping now...I do it on an early weekend morning, before the little one is is "daddy time"...but, when I do get to take her with me, we have a blast!


Otter Thomas said...

We can never get in a grocery shopping routine. We go when we need to and can find the time. I hope you enjoy the quiet more than you miss your buddy.

Teacher Tom said...

It's our job to be "boring old dads" during the summer. If we make it too fun, they won't want to go back to school. My 12-year-old has about had it with me -- she didn't even having fun swimming in the lake yesterday. She just lay on the dock with her friend. She's ready for school to start.

Reservoir Dad said...

Our oldest is off to school next year. The idea of only having two kids to chase after all day is appealing but the reality of him being away for so long will be tough.

surprised mom said...

Enjoy your time with Squirt. I hope Number 1 has a wonderful school year.
I used grocery shopping as "Mommy time" when the girls were babies. As they got older, shopping did got longer and longer, especially when people would stop and talk to me about what cute children I had. (Ok, I enjoyed that part.)
Hey, when you get a chance you can come over an bake all the cakes and cupcakes you want. The pasta salads sound pretty good, too.

Scott said...

I think the ordinary times are what keep us sane, and leave a little extra cash in the wallet!

PJ Mullen said...

I've resorted to running out to the store after my wife gets home from work and I can run there by myself. Emjoy the quiet :)

The Devoted Dad said...

The older my daughter gets, the more shopping seems to be enjoyable with her. The end of August has more impact in my work life than it does in my family life at this time. Before you know it though, the kids will be old enough to be in school, and then things will change.

Momo Fali said...

One of my favorite things to do is go grocery shopping by myself! It was such a treat once both kids were in school and I could be at peace with the poultry.

Jason said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! We got through the first complete school week very smoothly. Things are on a roll and everyone is adjusting nicely.

KWG said...

We take Bea shopping everywhere and so far she (and we) handles it fine.

You don't have to do much out of the ordinary if you're spending time together. That's what makes it extraordinary!

Good luck with school.