Monday, July 20, 2009

You like me, you really like me!

Well, at least Busy-Dad-E does :)

While I was away at my parents house I found out that he awarded me with a Keepsake Blog Award. His youngest(at the moment) and Squirt are about the same age so it's funny how many of our adventures in life at the moment are uncannily similar.

To quote him on the rules of the award:
"The rules of this award state that I have to tell a sweet or funny keepsake that tells something about myself, and to share the love with 10 of my fellow bloggers."

I think I can do that(though he made it a little harder by awarding almost half of my blogroll LOL.

My 10 chosen bloggers in no particular order are:

Andrew's Daddies
Guns 1306
Mr. Man
Momo Fali

All of these bloggers either make me laugh, think, or share common interests. Give them a read, I'm sure you'll find something to like.

As for my keepsake. I've got to go with the birth of Number 1. How can you not feel sweet and sometimes funny about the birth of your first child.

The missus was due on December 15th, 2001. That day came and went. We were at the dr's twice a week and just waiting. I never thought I'd spend Christmas Eve morning at the dr's office. It was snowing and the roads were tricky and slick. I tried to induce labor by almost ran into our mailbox while sliding into the drive. That was the worst Christmas ever. The missus was depressed and uncomfortable and the family was crowded into our house because we weren't traveling anywhere.

December 28th came and the dr. decided it was time to induce. We checked in and were in a room by 6:30 pm. They attempted a cervidel insert overnight. That did absolutely nothing. Around 8 o'clock in the morning on the 29th the dr said "Well, we can send you home and try again tonight or we can start pitosin". Go home?!? Are you freaking kidding me?!? We aren't leaving without a baby! We were told they would start the pitosin in a few hours so I should go home and grab a shower and something to eat apparently I smelled and looked hungry.

I got back around 11 and the missus had been on the pitosin for about a half hour. Our family was camped out in the waiting room for what was about to be a very long day. Our boys liked the warmth and comfort mommy provided and didn't want to leave willingly.

Her water broke around 2:30 it's funny how you actually remember the times of these things, but there was something wrong. It was green which meant baby had a bowel movement he's over 2 weeks past due, I'm sure there were more than just one. From that moment the missus was wearing more wires than my entertainment center. Talk about feeling helpless. The most I could do was keep her company and re-wet her washrags when her fever spiked. I was never so grateful as when she agreed to have an epidural she has a Wonder Woman complex and thought it wouldn't be necessary. I was begging her to get one because it was hurting me

She was finally ready to push him out around 10:45 and the next hour and a half flew by at least for me. This was nothing like you see on tv or in the movies where the mom pushes the baby out between floors on an elevator. She had to be exhausted but she didn't let it show.

Finally at 12:32am on Dec 30th(technically our THIRD day in the hospital) Number 1 was born. 12:32 is the time the dr looked at the clock, he was easily out for a few minutes and as much as the missus asked for them to mark the time as 12:30(on 12/30) the dr wouldn't budge. You'd think after all that she just went through 2 minutes would be a small concession...

I was beside myself, now realizing why the dr. made certain that I was eating throughout the day. I was weak, that was the only way to explain it. Physically and emotionally exhausted yet the missus was ready to run a marathon, crazy endorphins.

I was a father. We didn't even know the sex of the baby yet because they took him away to clean him up, and out, so quickly. I thought I caught a glimpse but it was so quick I wasn't sure. The dr. looked over and was like "you do know it's a boy right?" My wife was elated she swore she'd never have any girls, funny how that worked out for her. I was excited, but our family had been anxiously camping outside the door for the entire day and into the night, and technically now morning. I had to tell them, but that meant I had to leave my new family. They waited that long what's a few more minutes. I finally walked out the door to a hallway full of curious and excited faces.

This was the moment that changed my life. Sure we had another baby, 5 years later, but that first moment of realization, that's something that you never forget. The details were a blur then but I now look back on them plain as day.

This is my Keepsake moment. I hope I didn't bore you and promise to be a bit less emotional in my next post as I try not to be the sappy emotional type, it goes against my character. The thing's I'll do for an award....

As always, thanks for stopping by.


surprised mom said...

What a keepsake moment! The moment you realize you're parent and that you are responsible for this little life you hold in your hands. It's glorious! Thanks for sharing.
I wish I could say I had a Wonder Woman complex, but alas, no. I begged for the epidural as soon as they started the pitosin. Your wife sounds amazing!

ciara said...

thank you for the award :) i'm sure saw me whine over at busy dad-e's blog about how he couldn't be arsed to give me one, right? lol

it's great that you can remember all the details of that time. my son's father was not around when i gave birth, and my ex, who i have two girls with, well, i'm sure he doesn't remember the details like time & stuff lol

i was induced w both girls. the first the epidural was a lifesaver, the 2nd it was a waste of time because by the time they gave it to me, i was about ready to push. doctor almost didn't make it in time. he was in room 5 mins when i delivered my youngest lol

Jason said...

@surprised mom- trust me, a Wonder Woman complex can be a total pain in the @$$

@ciara- lol I've been reading your blog for as long as I've been reading blogs so no, it wasn't a pity award(though I did see your comment on busy-dad-e).

My wife is always shocked at the things I remember. Certain details just stay with you.

Momo Fali said...

Thank you so much! You made my day.

Both of my kids were preemies, and my first was an emergency I don't have the typical birth story. It wasn't the happiest day of my life, it was the scariest! My daughter was 10 weeks early and weighed 2.5 pounds! Now, she's 10 and you would never know she was ever little.

Jason said...

My pleasure Momo! I'm glad I helped your day along :D

Both of ours were far from preemies, at least a week late and 2 inductions with each of them!!

The Devoted Dad said...

That sounds like a great keepsake moment. Birth stories are immensely significant for fathers- at least this one. And for the Doc- Come on Doc, make it 12:30- you know every clock is different in that place anyway!- I can't believe he didn't let you have it. -Jason

Apok said...

Thanks :) For the mention and for the birth story. I can relate so so much more now. I love hearing about other people's experiences.

Jason said...

LOL, no prob Apok. I figured after this past weekend you would know all about it ;)

Mr. Man said...

Jason-What a cool honor. Thank you very much for the mention.BTW, your keepsake moment is almost identical to mine.